Our Mission

Cookin With Carmen, LLC

To listen to clients food desires and exceed expectations through creative menu planning, exceptional service, and quality ingredients.


Our Vision:

To provide customers conscience-based alternative meals in a flavorful and creative way.




Cookin With Carmen, LLC creates innovative and unique flavors inspired by her African Diaspora Culture and ancestors. 

What We Offer

Consultation– Discuss your dietary needs and/or restrictions

Shopping– Is taken care of upon menu decision

Meal Prep– based on the African Heritage Diet 

Intimate Dining– Couples, Family Gatherings

Contactless Services


What We Cost

Price is based on discussed menu choice, number of guests, service selected, and location of the event.

All cost include the time spent shopping, preparing, reimbursement of groceries, shopping fee, guest clean-up (if choose this option), and serving.

A signed contract with a 50% deposit will be required; it secures your date of service. The remaining balance will be due 24 hours before the day of your service.

Chef Carmen

The Motivation 

According to the CDC (2020), high blood pressure is more common in non-Hispanic Black adults (54%) than in non-Hispanic white adults (46%), non-Hispanic Asian adults (39%), or Hispanic adults (36%). A heightened response is required due to the disparities in high blood pressure control in African American men.

Diabetes is common in 10% of blacks aged 35-49 compared to 6% of whites. 

Stroke is present in 0.7% of blacks aged 18-34 compared to 0.4% of whites the same age. Stroke is common in 2% of African Americans compared to 1% of whites aged 35-49 and 7% vs. 4%, respectively, in those aged 50-64.

What we eat impacts our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 
I will transform the way my community views food. I will make a shift from the fatty foods that causes African Americans to have higher health disparities and allow us as a people to be more conscious about the foods we eat to help us have a balance in our wellness levels.

Hours of Operation

6:15pm – 9:30pm


Appointments Only

Appointments Only

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